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11 hours agoSandy, UT +20 milesFor Sale
Dog house for sale. Still in pretty good shape been in a shed for a while so it was kept out of the rain and snow and such.
13-Aug-2018Lehi, UT +12 milesDogs for Sale
Maddy is a 12yr old, mixed black labrador who we have loved since birth. She loves going for walks, barking at the cars turning around in front of our house, and eating apples. Maddy is fixed and up to date on her rabies, bordatella, and parvo shots. She has a little brother, Guido, a 6yr old miniature schnauzer, who she has tolerated since he arrived 6yrs ago. This posting is for Maddy alone. ...
10-Aug-2018Riverton, UT +15 milesHousehold Services
Nice to meet you! My name is Jessica . I grew up around animals and love to work with them. I offer hardworking experience caring for many types of animals. I hope we have the chance to chat soon!
9-Aug-2018Sandy, UT +20 milesDomestic Care Jobs
Hello!!! I am looking for someone to walk my puppy a few days a week during the day for about 30min.
My name's Jordan, I adore my pets and would love to meet and take care of yours! I have experience watching over a small family farm, multiple dogs at a time and cats. I'm open to caring for any species as I have owned birds and reptiles before. I hope to hear from you and I can't wait to watch the little (or big) guys!
"Zorro" is a attractive 3 1/2-year old (born 10-11-14) neutered male Malamute or Siberian Husky/GSD who is very outgoing, friendly and playful. Zorro loves human attention. He does fine with the 8-year old girl he lives with, who says he's a "good, fun do...
"Buddy" is a 3-yo neutered male GSD mixture who is well-tempered, affectionate and playful. Buddy is friendly with everyone he meets. He seeks attention and to receive belly rubs. He likes being around kids and is gentle with young children, as shown in ...
"Rio" is a 4-yo (born late June 2014), 90-lb neutered male Black GSD/Lab Retriever who is playful, friendly, and even-tempered. Rio is friendly with people of all ages, whether on his own turf or out for walks. He's patient with kids and has been around very small children. Rio is nice with other dogs, as he demonstrated at GSRSV's rescue ranch. (See link to video elsewhere on this page.) He's ...
8-Aug-2018Payson, UT +26 milesDogs for Sale
Zoe is seriously the best cuddle bug ever. Once she gets to know you and trust you she is loving and protective. My sister brought home two dogs with the intention of keeping 1 and giving 1 to my husband and I. However, we ended up with both. They are sisters and they are polar opposites. They do fine when they re on their own. But they like to gang up on unsuspecting victims when they are toge...
URGENT! OWNER NEEDS TO FIND NEW HOME FOR OSO BY TUES, JULY 31! "Oso" is a 120-lb, 4 -yo neutered male GSD who is a "gentle giant" personified. Oso is a Black Labrador in a Black GSD's body--friendly with everyone, gentle with kids, just plain mellow. Like many Labs, he's also on the heavy side--his optimal weight is 90-100 pounds. Oso is large-boned, sloped-back and clearly of German lineage. O...
"Leise" (pronounced "Lieza") is a 6-7 yo soon-to-be spayed female GSD who is very precious and exceptionally mellow. Leise is friendly with strangers and will certainly be good with kids given how easy-going she is. "Leise" is German for silent or gentle, an apt name for such a mild-mannered dog. Leise is fine with other dogs. She doesn't really interact much, but is completely non-aggressive. ...
"Vader" is a 2 -yo neutered male GSD/Lab Retriever/Pitbull who is playful, energetic, and personable. Vader is friendly with strangers both at home and away. He has been good around children as young as 6 years old. Vader is nice with large and medium-size dogs, but not so good with small dogs. He used to be a regular visitor to the dog park, but took to chasing the smaller dogs so his owner qu...
Good, and loving dog but we could tell was mistreated when younger and doesn't do well with lots of commotion. Very easily scared. Young kids make him nervous, but he is a good dog for a person needing a loyal sidekick or an older or no kid couple. He has always had lots of space so that's a thing to consider as well. We have 3 young childrenand he hasn t taken well to our two year olds. He is ...
8-Aug-2018Lehi, UT +12 milesDogs for Sale
Bo is an awesome dog. He is almost 2. He is Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler. I adopted him and his brother Luke as pups. My husband and I have been very busy and not able to do much training. He is a lovable boy doesn't bark much and is obsessed with his tennis ball. We are moving and there is no possible way we can take him and his brother with us. I need to make sure he goes to a very loving ...
8-Aug-2018Herriman, UT +13 milesDogs for Sale
Harley is a loving, loyal, affectionate and obedient dog. She love to run and goes running long distances on a leash. She loves other animals including our chickens and cat and gets along with them very well. She is fully house trained and hasn t had any issues with chewing or having accidents in the house. She loves our kids very much but needs to be in a home without kids. She has a history o...
We adopted Griff about a year ago from The Humane Society. He is a cute dog! He is super affectionate and loves snuggles. He is house and crate trained. He is a large dog and because of this, it's been difficult for my small children to play with him. He is constantly knocking them down, not in a malicious way but just because he still has a lot of puppy in him. He needs more time and attention...
Bindi is the healthiest and prettiest dog in the world. She is a three year old, smooth Collie/ Beagle mixture. She mostly does not bark, she might whine a little for food or when she has to go out. She LOVES other dogs. She sometimes plays rough with them or just wants them to chase her. She doesn't have a lot of interest in cats, might do well with a head strong cat. She is 100% potty trained...
8-Aug-2018Lehi, UT +12 milesDogs for Sale
We got our pet from Puppy Barn in American Fork and we have never had any health issues with him. I got a new job that requires me to commute farther away and we just don't have the time for him anymore. We love him but it is not nice for him to stay home alone because he needs to run a lot and get his energy out. He requires an owner that will give him plenty of time and/or has a big yard for ...
8-Aug-2018Lehi, UT +12 milesDogs for Sale
I need to re-home this lovable boy. We are moving and it will be impossible to give him a nice home where we are going. He is an awesome dog who is kennel trained. He loves playing fetch the tennis ball. He loves all my grandkids but gets really excited and will jump. He does not have a lot of training because we just haven't had the time. But he is very smart and loving
8-Aug-2018Riverton, UT +15 milesDogs for Sale
We LOVE our dog. He is the best hiking buddy around and can play fetch all day long. He is awesome with children but gets tense around other dogs. He is goofy and loving and will be your most loyal companion. A lot of people have described him as so ugly he s cute ha! He really is quite charming. Sadly, we have both taken on more responsiblity with work and feel like we are not giving him the l...
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